900 CFM Air Mover
Daisy Chain up to
5 Units for Extra Air Moving Power
Air Flow in 3 Angles
0, 45 & 90 Degrees
Works in Tight Spaces for Tough Drying Jobs
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The new Hawk BVP25D air mover is designed for small to medium size jobs and for ventilating hard to reach areas.  with a 1/4 HP induction motor. The 1/4 HP, 3-speed induction motor moves air up to 900 CFM.

The unit is built with (2) 12 Amp GFCI grounded auxiliary power outlets on the side-mounted control panel. GFCI reduce the risk of electric shock in wet areas and is required by insurance companies paying for water flood cleanup claims. Connect up to 5 units in daisy chain to focus air flow. Quiet - 67 dB
Spec Sheet
New Products
 from HAWK
Quiet Janitorial Jobs
74 dB at High Speed
Direct Airflow at
3 Angles (Horizontally, 45° and 90°)
The safest and most efficient centrifugal air mover on the market. Our 1/2 HP sealed motor generates up to 2820 CFM with just 4.5 amps usage. Control the CFM and Amp draw with our state of the art 2-speed moisture resistant switch. The rotomolded body is stronger, lighter and capable of stacking 4 high in storage.  Model BVP50H adds transport wheels and telescoping handle.  
Spec Sheet
2820 CFM Air Mover
BVP50H Adds Transport Wheels and Telescoping Handle
2 GFCI Shock-Preventing Outlets  for Daisy Chaining
Add the Folding Metal Frame to Direct Air at Every Angle
Stack and Store Up To 5 Units
3320 CFM Air Mover
The Hawk BPB25A Axial fan moves air efficiently with less power and effort then other models. A built-in GFCI Auxillary Outlet reduces risk of electric shock in wet areas. The 1/2 HP, sealed 2-speed motor with an attached 25 ft. power cord moves air up to 3320.
The red chassis is rotomolded with adjustable feet that allow you to shoot a beam of air 50 feet ahead. The optional mounting stand with 360 degree rotation  directs air movement in any direction. Lightweight
25 lbs. ETL listed.
Spec Sheet
Steel Brush  Cover
is Built with
2" Vacuum Port
360 Degree 
Vacuum Duct in the Brush Cover 
HAWK Merlin 360
Severe Duty with Dust Control
Brush Shroud is Built with  2” Vacuum Port
Includes Lift
Assist Handle
4 Handle Heights
with Pin-Set
Handle Lock
The HAWK Merlin 360 with Floating Head now has the Hawk 360™ dust pickup system with a steel brush shroud and 2" dust exhaust port.  Designed for high productivity in harsh environments like concrete resurfacing, natural stone polishing, and wood screening & sanding.
Floating-head WD™ Wheels-down handle design keeps the pads and brushes 100% flat on the floor at 165 RPM. 
Powered with a 1.5 HP, 180-Frame TEFC Dual Capacitor AC motor with a severe-duty, helical-cut 11:1 gear drive.  The powder coated black motor is standard. The polished chrome motor is an upgrade. Optional 66 frame 2-speed DC motor. 66 dB meets GS42 standard. UL/CUL listed.
Spec Sheet
HAWK Brute 360
Severe Duty with Dust Control
The HAWK Brute 360 now is available with the exclusive Hawk 360™ dust pickup system. A steel brush apron with a 360 degree dust collecting duct  is built with a 2” dust exhaust port in the apron cover that connects to all commercial tank vacuums with 1.5” or 2” hose. 
Collecting dust and debris while cutting, polishing, and sanding floors is now safe & simple.

The heart of the Brute is its powerful, 1.5 HP, 180-Frame TEFC Dual Capacitor AC motor connected to a severe-duty, helical-cut 11:1 gear drive. Brushes and pads spin at 165 RPM. The powder coated black motor is standard. The polished chrome motor is an upgrade.  Solid steel components, precise robotic welds and Grade A fasteners assure transfer of power to the floor. Available in black coated and polished chrome models.
Quiet 66 dB meets GS42 standard. UL/CUL listed
Spec Sheet
Heavy-Duty Steel Transport Lock
Wider Handle &
Hose Support
Black Motor is Standard
Polished Chrome
Motor is Upgrade
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