Orbital Floor Machines
TigerHawk 2814
Wide Area Orbital Floor Machine
1725 RPM - 28"x14"
Includes Transport Cart
Frame is Built with Dual Vacuum Ports for Use on TH2814-V
TH2814-SP Adds a
Sprayer Pump & 4.5 Gallon Solution Pump
The TigerHawk 2814 with the revolutionary rectangular “floating head” design is easy to maneuver, with less vibration, sound and operator fatigue than other orbiting brands. Works 3 times faster than rotary machines, easily reaches into corners and along baseboards. Use the spray system model  (TH2814-SP) or active vacuum system model (TH2814-V) for even greater productivity. Strip large areas of floor finish with or without chemicals. The 2814 is excellent for sanding, scrubbing and stone stripping.
• 1.5 HP, 180 frame, TEFC dual capacitor AC motor
• 115-230V, 60 Hz power
• 50 ft., (12-3) SJTOW industrial power cord  with molded plug
Drive System
• Eccentric balanced orbital drive works at 1740 RPM
Engineered Design
• Dual vibration isolation system
• Powder-coated heavy duty steel handle with 5-position pin lock.
• WDTM  Wheels Down pin-lock handle disassembles in 60 seconds
   without tools, for transport and storage
• The severe-duty motor guard to protect from impact damage
• Includes easy to move transport cart
• Thumb-operated safety switch. Dual steel operating triggers.
• Includes full wraparound dust skirt
• 2” x 8” non-marking ball bearing wheels
• 2814 drive frame is built with a vacuum port. The vacuum
   “V” model FTIGER2814-V  connects here with 6 quart tank vacuum
   and dust skirt.
• Spray “SP” model FTIGER2814-SP adds motor-mounted solution
   pump and handle-mounted 4.5 gallon solution tank 
Safety Features
• Quiet 60 dB operation. Meets GS42 standard.
• UL/CUL listed
F-TIGER-2814                 F-TIGER2814-SP(Solution Pump),
F-TIGER2814-V (Vacuum)
Welded Steel
Handle and Frame
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Spec Sheet
28”x14” Red Orbital Scrubbing Pads
5 Case
28”x14” Black Orbital Stripping Pads
 5 Case
28”x14” Green Orbital
Scrubbing Pads
5 Case
28”x14” Maroon
Chemical Free Pads

5 Case
28”x14” Abrasive Screen
- 80 Grit
A0074-2814-120 - 120 Grit
A0074-2814-180 - 180 Grit
28”x14” Orbital Pad
Starter Kit

(1) Green Astro, (1) Red
(1) Black, (2) Maroon
Dust Control Kit
Dust Skirt & Hardware
Vacuum Assembly Kit
6 Quart Tank Vac,
Dust Skirt & Hardware

4.5 Gallon
Solution Tank
Orbital Scrub Brush
28” x 14”

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