Severe Duty WD Industrial Floor Machines
165 RPM -  17", 20"
Stripping, Scrubbing, Resurfacing
Merlin takes advantage of innovative engineering and modern design to set new records in production and user safety. Our unique WD handle carriage provides 100% contact with the floor and incorporates forward movement over the traditional side-to-side operation standard floor machine design.
 1.5 HP, 180 frame, TEFC dual capacitor AC motor
 115-230V, 60 Hz power. 50 ft. 2-part, 12-3 SJTOW industrial cord 
Drive System
 Triple-planetary XHD 11:1 helical-cut industrial gears

 Drives brushes and pads at 165 RPM
Engineered Design
 The WD handle is easily removed for transport and storage
 All steel construction with welded, powder-coated frame
 Powder-coated steel handle with 5-position pin lock
 Steel brush covers with 360 degree wraparound bumper
 Thumb-operated safety switch. Negative pressure on/off switch.
 Dual steel operating triggers
 2 x 8 non-marking load bearing, ball bearing wheels
 Includes 80 lb. weight set.  Includes transport frame. 
 Increase productivity with the optional solution tanks
Safety Features
 Quiet 66 dB operation. Meets GS42 standard.
 UL/CUL listed
Part Numbers
F0040-17-1.5TE - 17", F00040-20-1.5STE - 20"
XHD uses 11:1 Triple Planetary Gears
Welded Steel
Frame and Handle
80 lb. Weights Mounts on Apron with Locking Pins
5-Position Pin Lock Handle All Steel Construction
Premium Sandpaper Driver
A0014-HD - 17
A0014-1HD - 20
Hawk Tufted Bristle
Pad Driver
A0010-4 - 17
A0011-3 - 20
Red Scrubbing Pad
(5 Pack)
A0026-17R-CS- 17
A0026-20R-CS- 20
80 Grit Brush
A0008 - 17
A0009 - 20
Premium Harpoon
Pad Driver
A0010 - 17
A0011 - 20
Orbitec Diamond
Pad Driver
HP0017 - 17
HP0020 - 20
Diamond Pad Driver
HP0010DPD - 17
HP0011DPD - 20
Weighted Diamond
Pad Driver
A0010WTDPD - 17 (46#)
A0011WTDPD - 20 (64#)
Pad Centering
Clamp - Screw Mount
Pad Centering
Clamp - Spring Mount
Black Stripping Pad
(5 Pack)
A0026-17BK-CS- 17
A0026-20BK-CS- 20
Surface Prep Scraper
HP 0033 - 17
HP0034 - 20
Splash Guard
SPLASH17 -17
SPLASH20 - 20
6 Gallon
Solution Tank
Floating Head Frame
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