BH20DT - 1/5 HP
The multipurpose BH20DT air mover is affordable, lightweight  (10 lb.) and easy to transport. It fits easily into tight areas, crawl spaces, closets and hallways. Includes an auxiliary 12 amp outlet for connecting multiple units in series. The 3-hour timer and speed control allows precise controlled operation
Engineered Design
Strong polypropylene chassis design allows multiple air movers
   to be stacked on top of another
Molded-in handle for easy transport
Direct airflow at 0, 15, 45 and 90 degrees
Plastic cage protects motor and fans from debris
Open air intake screens allow for maximum air output
Model BH20DT includes a 12 Amp GFCI auxiliary power outlet
Includes power cord
Part Numbers
BH20DT (1/5 HP)
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Dry Floors, Circulate and Exhaust Air
800 CFM Air Mover
BH20DT Moves More Air with Daisy Chained Power
Air Flow in 4 Angles
12 Amp Aux. Power Outlet on BH20
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