Discover Private Labeling. You want the strongest, most reliable equipment on the market. Now, we make it easy for you to partner your company’s name recognition, reputation and business support with quality products and superior marketing with Private Branded Equipment.
Why Private Labeling?
  HAWK Private La
beling  puts you in control of your product

     offering, marketing focus and price strategies.
  You build your own brand recognition. Custom labels put  your

    company name, brand name, and phone number in  front of the

    user every time.
 Your clients are another step closer to one-stop shopping.
Partner with Hawk
  You can offer the most durable machines on the market with the

    latest engineering designs like the Glide Floating Head floor

    machines and the TigerHawk orbital machines.
  Hawk makes your job easier with unmatched service excellence

    and prompt private brand product delivery. Our professional

    marketing supports give your sales force a complete selling

What are the Other Pieces of the Package?
  Added-Value Custom Literature - The “How to Use” guides carry

    your logo and contact information.
  Advertising Strength - We supply your advertising department

    with product description text and art for your catalogs and

 Instruction Manuals - Manuals explain start-up, operation,

    problem solving, and aftermarket brush and pad selections.
How Do We Get Started?
  Fill out our Private Branding Order Form - it identifies all of the

    product design criteria.
 Our sales rep helps define colors, logo and contact information,

    photos and text for your website. 


From start to finish, you can have your complete product line in as little as one week! To contact your floor machine representative, just call us.

HAWK Private Label Program
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