Polishing, Burnishing, Refinishing
HAWK High Speed Burnisher
with AC Motor
1000, 1250, 1500 RPM - 13", 15", 17", 20"
The Hawk High-Speed AC Burnisher is a balanced force of polishing power. The models are built with a durable 1.5 HP Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor that requires no maintenance. The enclosure protects the inner working of the motor from dust and moisture. The perfect addition to any Green Cleaning program.

1.5 HP, 56C frame, TEFC dual capacitor AC motor
115V, 60 Hz power. 50 ft., 14-3 STO industrial power cord

Drive System
Multi V-Belt drives pads at 1000, 1250 or 1500 RPM

Engineering Design
Welded steel frame and chromed handle 
Thumb safety switch. Negative pressure on/off switch.
Dual steel operating triggers
1 x 5 non-marking wheels
Includes flexible pad holder with pad centering clamp
Optional full wraparound splash guard on all sizes

Safety Features
Quiet operation - 58 dB (Standard), 51 dB (Dust Control).
  Meets GS42 standard. Built with UL listed components
Product Spec
Optional Splash Guards
#SPLASH13 - 13"
#SPLASH15- 15"
#SPLASH17 - 17"
#SPLASH 20 - 20"
7 Private Brand Colors Plus Chrome
Includes Flexible Harpoon-Style Pad Driver with
Centering Clamp
Product Model
and Part Numbers
Product Model
and Part Numbers
HAWK ENTERPRISES - 2902 Park Six Court - Elkhart, IN 46514 - (574) 294-1910
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Pad Centering
Clamp - 2-Piece
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Clamp securely holds any size pad
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Hogs Hair Burnishing Pads (5 Pack)
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#A0025-15P-CS - 15
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#A0025-19P-CS - 19
#A0025-20P-CS - 20
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