The Hawk Glide 2-Speed delivers twice the performance and superior safety over traditional floor machines. Our unique “Floating Head” handle carriage design provides 100% contact with the floor while incorporating forward and backward movement - unlike the side-to-side swing of traditional rotary machines. Scrub at 175 RPM. Polish at 320 RPM.

• 1.5 HP, 66 frame, rectified 2-speed DC motor
• 115V, 60 Hz power, (230V optional).
• 50 ft. 14-3 SJT power cord (Std).
• 50 ft. 14-3 STO power cord  (XHD)
• Hi/Low speed switch is located on the motor

Drive System
• Glide 2-Speed - triple-planetary HD 10:1 helical-cut
   commercial gears to drive pads at 175 or 320 RPM
• Glide XHD 2-Speed uses triple-planetary XHD 11:1 helical-cut
   industrial gears with case hardened with steel coupler to
   drive pads at 165 or 300 RPM

Engineered Design
• Exclusive HD steel WD™ detachable handle carriage design
• 2” x 6” non-marking ball bearing wheels
• Dual steel operating triggers. Negative pressure on/off switch.
• Optional 4.5 gallon solution tank for efficient scrubbing
• Optional splash guard and dust collection kit

Safety Features
• Quiet 62 dB (low speed), 69 dB (high speed) operation. Meets 
   GS42 standard. Built with UL Listed components. 
HAWK Glide Freedom 2-Speed WD™
Floating Head Floor Machines - 17", 20"
Splash Guard
#SPLASH17-WD -17”
#SPLASH20-WD - 20”
Hexagonal Weight for Rotary Motor Mount
#A0028-10P - 10 lbs.
#A0028-25P - 25 lbs.
4.5” Weight Post
 Mount for Hexagonal Weights
for 66 Frame Motor
Tampico Polishing Brush
For general scrubbing and polishing marble
#A0004- 17”
#A0005 - 20”
Poly Scrub Brush
Lighter duty scrub
with detergent
#A0002 - 17”
#A0003 - 20”
Lite 180 Grit Brush
For general scrubbing, narrow grout lines. 
#A0008-1 - 17”
#A0009-1 - 20”
Black 80 Grit Brush
Strip, aggressively scrub 
#A0008 - 17”
#A0009 - 20”
Nylon Carpet Brush
Stiff bristle outer rows, soft bristle inner rows
#A0006 - 17”
#A0007 - 20”
Surface Prep Scraper
#HP0033 - 17”
#HP0034 - 20”
Premium Double Hook Pad Driver
with Riser and Showerfeed
#A0010- 17”
#A0011- 20”
2-Speed Motor
with Hi/Lo Switch
Welded Steel Handle and Frame
Optional Dust Control Ring Connects to Vac
XHD uses 11:1 Triple Planetary Gears
Red Buffing Pad
(5 Pack)
Use at 175-600 RPM for everyday cleaning #A0026-17R-CS- 17”
#A0026-20R-CS- 20”
Black Stripping Pad
(5 Pack)
Heavy-duty  scrubbing 
and finish stripping 
#A0026-17BK-CS- 17”
#A0026-20BK-CS- 20"
5-Position Pin Lock
Handle with All Steel Construction
Hawk Safe Spin Carpet Brush with Glide Plate
#A0013-17 - 17”
#A0013-20 - 20”
Tufted Bristle
Pad Driver

with  3/4” riser.
#A0010-4 - 17”
#A0011-3 - 20”
Diamond Pad Driver
Holds pads with Velcroฎ Neoprene pad. #A0010DPD - 17”
#A0011DPD - 20”
Premium Sandpaper Driver
#A0014-HD - 17”
#A0014-1HD - 20”
Economy Sandpaper Driver
#A0014 - 17”
#A0014-1 - 20”
Spec Sheet
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Hawk Talon
Harrier Backpack
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2-piece clamp clips together securely holding any size pad
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